Monday, July 7, 2008

StealthDisco Ask You Kindly to Dance Now

Lets face it, everybody plays guitar these days. It is, however, much less usual to find someone who can boast playing the Minimoog, the Roland V-Drums and the guitar. So you can imagine the unlikelihood of finding a whole band that plays all three and more. Yet this is precisely where StealthDisco's strength lies. These six London-based boys know exactly what they are doing, pulling together outdated sounds from 1970's synthesisers, combining them with modern equipment like the Ableton, and bringing in the retro-future through tweaking the latest technology to suit their own indie ends.

These boys are an effervescent, energetic gang each contributing at least three instruments to the overall sound. "We're constantly working on VJ performance stuff and making mad instruments to play live" says backing vocalist and self-proclaimed technological wizard 'Egon'. Though it is easy to draw similarities to various other electronic-based groups which have risen to fame in recent years such as Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Crystal Castles, Justice, and even legends Daft Punk, it must be said, StealthDisco’s music is unique. "There's not many people making science-related ghetto-tech at the moment,” says lead singer, Neil, "even with all the hype of new rave blowing over, there's still so much that hasn't been done."

Their actual style is hard to pin down as they seem quite content to straddle genre boundaries. Take their latest track Dimension X for example, which, with skillful mixing and well cut-up synthesized vocals, is an artfully diverse song that manages to remain fresh without descending into an endless looping of thudding bass. On first listen, it seems distinctly reminiscent of Daft Punk's 'Digital Love', but impressively no remixing of other songs has occurred, and as a result track holds as a more vocals-heavy tune combined with a harder, more low-fi sound. A strong contrast to Dimension X's electronic tour de force, both 'These Ideas' and 'The Greatest Invention' show that the band are capable of creating superb dance tunes that, although more in line with traditional guitar/drums/bass, still come across as having strong and obvious electronic leanings.

StealthDisco are no one trick pony though; their live performances incorporate stellar visual effects that help the narratives of some songs, and add an entirely new dimension to others. The band have also been working on a series of remixes for fellow Londoners The Clik Clik and Sportsday Megaphone as well as Danish band, Veto and Moby. The multi-functionality of StealthDisco is a testament not only to the skill of its members, but also their ambition. Their mission is to revolutionize your listening experience and propel you into the future of music.